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'Healthy and Hearty' is written by Roisin, a time-poor twentysomething living just outside London (Surrey) who is a foodie with a keen interest in nutrition, exercise and keeping in shape.

A few years ago I hit a brick wall; throughout my teens, even though I did not always think so, I was tiny. I ate well and exercised a lot; Kung-Fu, Kickboxing, Tai Chi, Walking, Cycling, Gym, Thaiboxing... Then final year of university hit, with a lot of stress and insomnia and I put ALOT of weight on in such a short space of time that I did not realise.  It was scary.

I rapidly lost a fair bit of this but it was not until four years after graduating and yo-yoing that I really took matters in hand.  I moved and took this as an opportunity for change.  I had long been motivated but I found as soon as people noticed a change of eating patterns I became self-conscious and it all went to pot.  The theory was, new town, new diet.  People didn't know that this was not the norm for me so noone commented.  I took this as an opportunity to cook more, experiment with foods, exercises, snacking... you name it really.

In 2014 I relapsed; having spent years living healthily, losing weight and really changing my shape it all went out the window.  Once again, this happened in a short period of time - I can tell you exactly why it did, but it doesn't stop it being shocking (or you not really being able to believe what you look like for a fair period of time after).

So this blog is a collection of my experiements and challenges; with food, exercise and eating out ... I don't profess to be the next Delia Smith, but everything is tasty (in some cases darn right delicious) and most importantly, healthy.

I am using it as an opportunity to hold myself to account, document my exercise challenges, hopefully motivate a few people, and where possible, incorporate my love of travelling into recommendations and reviews.

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