Saturday, 24 January 2015

Change three things

So, how are those New Years Resolutions going?

I noticed that the gym under my office was packed on Monday 5th and has been, let me put this politely, less so ever since.  In fairness my reset has hit a rock (no literally) as I've not been able to exercise for a week thanks to a run-in with the side of a mountain and another with a block of ice.  At least my diet was good?  Well it was until Thursday lunchtime.

This got me thinking about what I did differently last time when I lost weight.  It was running which really got the final bit of weight off, but there was a good six months before I took this up.

In truth, I made small changes, a few at a time.  These then became second nature and it all became that little bit easier.

So here are my three for January:

1. Myfitnesspal - it is not just using it, but using it constantly, even on those bad days.  This is the only way to keep sanity and not to kid yourself.  I know I am really good at thinking I've been good for a morning so that piece of chocolate or cake is ok and looking at that morning in total isolation from the rest of the week.  Myfitnesspal gives you that perspective, but only if you use it honestly!

2. Sparkling water - I rarely drink fizzy drinks, they are full of rubbish and do not hydrate you.  For me, sparking water makes me feel I am drinking a Coca-Cola style drink but I save the calories and rubbish.  I also try and have spritzers with soda in the pub - let's face it, pub wine is rubbish so watering it down makes little difference and again, the large glass has less calories.

3. Get off one stop earlier - getting off the bus or tube one or two stops earlier does not make you any more hungry but those extra steps do make an, albeit small, difference.

So what are your three tips?

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  1. Great tips! I use PumpUp :) it builds workouts for you, and because it's a bit like Instagram you can interact with others... Working out with friends/family is also a great way to stay motivated and logging your activities x