Friday, 31 January 2014

Something for the weekend: Local Hero, Kingston

One of the two branches of Local Hero is tucked away on Thames Street in Kingston. It is a tiny cafe bursting with attitude ... and healthy food.

Now, an admission, I went in craving pancakes, however they were 'out' (given how simple pancake batter is I am not sure how this is possible but hey ho). I therefore opted for a dense quiche with a Greek and a quinoa salad with a mixed berry smoothie.

Amazing mixed berry smoothie

The Greek salad was just the right mixture of feta, olives and lettuce leaves.  The quinoa salad was tasty, tangy and wholesome.

dense quiche with an amazing salad selection

There was a fantastic range of sandwiches, soups and cakes as well.

The downside; it was some of the slowest service I have come across but the food was worth it.

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