Saturday, 4 January 2014

2013: a year in review

2013 started in a bad place health-wise for me.  I had collapsed in November 2012 and my thigh muscles and knee were still recovering.  By recovering, I mean I could not put any weight on them.  This obviously posed a lot of problems in terms of running.  Thankfully, cycling was ok, when the weather permitted so I was able to keep some level of fitness up.  It was not until late March that I could even contemplate running two miles.

I therefore set myself a far more tame run challenge than I would have liked; getting fit for an 8.2 mile run in October. I made it, but my goodness was it a journey.  It was greatly aided by the Change 4 Life running course in Kingston which I took (I would strongly recommend this to anyone thinking of trying to improve their running).

The most fun piece of exercise I did in 2013 however was the Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle.  10 miles cycling around London'a greatest landmarks including...
I cannot wait for the 2014 one!

Eating out:
By far the best food I ate in 2013 was in Marrakech, however in the UK #Challenge2013 led me to some truly superb meals. There really were too many highlights, but one place I visit over and again is South Bank Market which never fails to deliver a healthy meal. The variety of healthy food is second to none and it is very affordable.  I only wish it was more sit-down!

I have been so fortunate in 2013 to visit two amazing countries and have a number of weekends away in the UK, visiting some amazing parts of the country.

Iceland was an activity-filled getaway, with lava caving and glacier walking.  Fresh air, excellent fish and exercise was fantastic... here are a few snaps from our walks which I have not yet shared on this blog:

Marrakech was a foodie haven, full of healthy main meals and naughty treats (I am STILL thinking about the pistachio brulee I had).

The UK travel bought me to some fine food, especially in Sherbourne, which you can read about here.

My home-cooking came on leaps and bounds in 2013, really learning how to adapt recipes and getting to the point where I can whip up and authentic ... meal without looking at a recipe!

By far the recipe I am most pleased with in 2013 however was my adaptation of a Waitrose recipe for Mauritain Chicken.  I literally have not had anything but really positive comments on this.  It is healthy, clean and delicious!

On the sweet side, the most successful batch of baking I did was using a Harry Eastwood recipe for this Raspberry, White Chocolate and Cinnamon cake (made with Butternut Squash)

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