Monday, 30 December 2013

#Challenge2013 - November

As predicted, coming towards the end of this challenge made this harder, especially with the ease of a chain Italian restaurant for an easy evening meal out.

November led me to seeking out new life and new frontiers, well new restaurants and new experiences. The highlight by far which I will share with you was Rodizo Rico in Notting Hill.

Firstly, don't be put off when I tell you it is a Buffet restaurant. It is not your standard limp salad bar and too many varieties of samosas and it is not a cheap buffet- your standard cover is £25 a head for food. In all honesty, I would have paid it twice.

the meat is bought round on skewers for you to choose from.
You are given a coaster which you have as green for go or red I am full. This is for the meat. Which is bought round on metal skewers and will blow your mind. From salted beef to chicken hearts, Rodizo Rico had it all, and plenty of it.  There were a few combinations which didn't hit the spot as much as others, but generally it was amazing.

Chicken hearts were a first for me

The bonus? The deep-fried bananas and cheesy dough balls!

Deep-fried bananas were amazing

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