Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sampling Tesco Finest*

This evening I was invited to join a Tesco finest sampling evening.  I am not sure exactly what the criteria was to be chosen to attend, but a colleague of mine was and, knowing I am a foodie, she took me along to indulge.

There was a short presentation which was quite informally delivered where we learned about how Tesco choose their finest range and what distinguishes it from their other ranges and then got to the sampling.  It was clear that this was part of a big relaunch and rebrand of the finest range, and I have clearly bought into it as I am telling you about it now.

Cheese, meats, crackers, soft drinks, wine, vegetable crisps were but a few of the foods on offer.  Instead of reviewing it all, I will just give you my winners and losers of the evening...

Product of the evening 

Cheese and Sundried Tomato Oat Bites: These were simply delicious.  They were filling, flavoursome, tangy and generally amazing.  They were a great snack on their own but I would imagine would also be great with salsa, chutney or cheese.

Celyon Lovers Leap Tea: this reminded me very much of the Twinings Breakfast tea; crisp, light and refreshing.  This tea packed a punch (despite not having been brewed for the three minutes which the hosts recommended). I will definitely be seeking this out to buy in the future.

Disappointment of the evening
Finest Farmhouse Cheese Straws: simply put these lacked flavour.  For something which was meant to be a premium product it distinctly reminded me of something from the value range. It was dense and just like a flavourless lump of pastry.

White wine: I will be honest I didn't even bother to find out what it was I had a small glass of. Acidic, too fruity and generally unappealling.  I struggled to finish the glass.  Anyone who knows me knows this is not normal.

I would strongly encourage anyone who is given the option to go to one of these evenings.  We were given a goody bag and recipes to go away with, which I am yet to rustle through, but it was good fun, the staff were friendly and no one took anything too seriously!

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