Saturday, 9 November 2013

#challenge2013 - October

No, the absence of a September post was not indicative of my having given up on this.  It was more to do with party conference season taking hold and canap├ęs and wine taking over my September diet.  I am still working off the weight I am sure.

October however, was a return to form.  Sober October helped very much with my running - I did my 8.2 mile run in a respectable time and getting into my change4life course really helped too.

Here are my two favourite meals of October.

Dip and Flip

My love affair with the burger continued in October with this fantastic find.  Located in Clapham Junction, this was a bit of an accidental find.  Looking for somewhere inexpensive to catch up with a friend we stumbled into this small restaurant.  It had a select menu of burgers, but the killer in this place was the dip... Every burger comes with a bowl of gravy! 

This may seem like a gimmick but my oh my did it make a difference.  Sadly, the restaurant did not have enough Rosti left for me to also have a Rosti and Egg burger, but it will be what I go for next time for sure.

Wan chai corner
One of my uncles favourite restaurants is located on Gerard Street in Chinatown.  Sadly, during this meal I was too distracted by my gorgeous 4 year old godson eating with chop sticks to photograph the Chinese greens in oyster sauce or the mussels with ginger.

Trying different Chinese dishes to my usual was definitely a highlight of the years challenge.  I try and steer away from the sticky lemon chicken dishes and spare ribs anyway but mussels with ginger was a real treat.

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