Monday, 2 September 2013

Healthy lifestyle, healthy....

.... skin, actually!

Ok so this is a mildly self indulgent post (unlike all other blogging of course!!), one which was spurred by a fairly common compliment I am given.

That I "look so well". Even if I am in a bout of insomnia (unless it is super horrific, I am of course not airbrushed) or under a fair bit of pressure. My posture and slightly nervous twitching might give me away but my skin usually does not. 

I have a pale (English rose) complexion which is usually blemish free ("why do you wear foundation is another common question"). This is not something I appreciated until my early twenties and that is mainly due to Nicola Roberts.


I am meticulous about what I use to clean my face, and it is nothing "high end"- Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Scrub has been my product of choice for years now (I tend to only stray to the Grapefruit version and back again, though I have been given a Soap and Glory version, so I will let you know how I get on). It is kind to my slightly sensitive skin and the beads in it really scrub the face clean. It removes shine, flaky skin and seems to keep spots away. It does slightly dehydrate my skin but this I balance off with Olay simple moisturisers, day and night.


Probably because of the amount of exercise I take I tend not to drink eight glasses of water a day but closer to six or eight pints (I also drink a lot of coffee which is very dehydrating). Again this is something I am fairly meticulous about. 

However, more importantly is the fact that when I say water I mean plain tap (or sparkling on occasion) not a sugary watery bottled drink like oasis or squash. I also TRY and stay away from fizzy drinks like cola (especially diet stuff). I don't always succeed in this but I can easily go for weeks if not months without a fizzy drink (white wine or gin and tonic are my poison of choice).


I will never pretend not to eat cake or chocolate as that would well, be lying. What I do however with the knowledge of my sweet tooth is avoid what I would call accidental sugary products- pasta sauces I make from scratch, I avoid takeaway as much as possible and same for ready meals. It sounds silly but my knowing what is in my food I ensure I am consuming vitamins and nutrients not sugar... Unless it is intended!! 

Additionally, I try and snack on nuts, seeds and dried fruit (there is usually a small tupperware pot on my desk or in my handbag) all of which benefit the skin and make sure I not only eat my five a day but that I vary which fruit and veg I buy week on week.

I cycle to work. This means that I get a good hour of my face being exposed to the elements every day. I get a good dose of vitamin E from the sun and build as much of a gradual tan in the summer as I am ever going to. Plus my 10 mile round trip gives me an additional 300 calories a day to munch my way through!

So, those are my (probably slightly obvious) hints to getting and keeping clear skin - let me know if you have any to add!

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