Wednesday, 4 September 2013

#Challenge2013 - August

My foodie highlights in August this year mainly came in the form of food festivals. I have blogged about the Chilli Fiesta at West Dean College in my 'Something for the Weekend' series but my excitement about the Kingston Food Festival has, until now, been reserved for Twitter.

Falafel and Healthy Cakes at Kingston Food Festival 

Kingston Food Festival was a fantastic three day event which managed to successfully incorporate the regular food market with the traders who were in town for the weekend. Food sellers from near and far were attracted, big chain names such as Starbucks were next to suppliers and local bakers.

I sampled some fabulous and frankly some not so fabulous healthy food but my favourite savoury by far had to be the wrap above. ChikP were the vendors of this falafel flatbread with salad and pickled turnip was simply divine. I was somewhat dubious about the pickled turnip but the extra tang and crunch which it gave the wrap was what made it.

My real find however at the Kingston Food Festival was the Healthy Cook Co. In all honesty I actually feel a sense of failure for not having stumbled across them before. 

The picture above is a Date and Pomegranate muffin with Pumpkin seeds. It is gluten free and with reduced fat and sugar. I also managed to pick up a healthy chocolate brownie.

These are cakes made carefully; with fruit, gluten free and natural ingredients. Essentially, they are about as healthy as a cake can be (and still taste out of this world).  The Healthy Cook Co also have a cafe on Old London Road in Kingston - I shall be making another visit ASAP!!

Pigging out at BRGR CO, Soho
From seeking out healthy treats to rolling myself home, August was one of extremes. 

Afternoon tea is a British tradition I adore and one of the most fantastic things about living in touching distance of central London is the opportunity to eat my way through the various means the capitals restaurants and cafes have found of reinventing it!

BRGR Co have certainly done an exceptional job of it. £17 (and a good advance booking) will get you a heavenly meal which will leave you unable to eat for days!!

Three Sliders: lobster, chicken caesar and a beef and cheese burger are accompanied by skinny fries, a mini vanilla milkshake, donut ball, brownie bite and cheesecake in a shot glass. To drink? Well Ice Tea and a cheeky glass of prosecco. 

I didn't even attempt to calorie count it... Just went for a LONG bike ride the following day!! 

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