Thursday, 1 August 2013

Love Kingston Run Challenge - Three Months to go

Last year I did the Great South Run, 10 miles running around Portsmouth on a Sunday morning.  It was not the easiest of things which I have ever done, but neither was it the hardest.  So I decided to set myself a further challenge; the Reading half marathon.

Sadly, however, injury struck.  I collapsed and bruised my knee so badly I could put no pressure on it for nearly two months.  This led to mass muscle wastage in the top of my leg and it took another two months until I could even run a short distance on the leg without being in agony and limping for days.

To build up the muscle once more, I took up treadmill running as it is far lower impact than roadrunning.  Now with just under three months to go until my next road race; the Love Kingston Run Challenge (8.2 miles) I need to step up the training and I will be intermittently updating you on my progress.

Keep your fingers crossed for me as I don my running shoes for a probably painful 5miler!

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