Friday, 24 May 2013

Something for the weekend - Skating away a Sunday

A friend of mine has recently started taking ice skating lessons and desperate to get some extra practice in so last Sunday I pulled up my boots and trekked across West London to Queensway which hosts London's only skate and bowling arena (apparently)!

I must say I was really surprised; the rink was a decent size, the boots were supportive, the price was reasonable (£12.50 including skate hire but they do a discount on a Monday so including skate hire it is £8.50) and it was not overcrowded.

I am not the worlds most proficient skater but I  had a great time.  I was on the ice for two hours (approximately), managed not to fall over once (a small miracle), barely held onto the edge and... according to myfitnesspal burned about 500 calories (though I am not sure I believe this!!).  I have however developed a number of suspicious bruises on my arm since this but that is a small price for such a fun, exercised-filled afternoon.

You wont be surprised to hear it was nothing like the image on the side... I just thought that was cool as, like many twentysomething women, I love a good bit of vintage!

My only reservation about this venue, like many other leisure centres was the lack of healthy foods and snacks in the canteen.  My will power is good but I am unable to resist a treat after a two hour workout... especially when it is waffles and gelato and there is literally no healthy alternative.... I mean just look at it!!

So... if you're stuck for something to do this weekend.... get yourself along to Queensway!

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