Sunday, 5 May 2013

#challenge2013 - April

At the beginning of April I was fortunate enough to spend six days in Iceland.  In addition to having some of the most stunning landscape I have ever seen (and am ever likely to see unless travel to Mars is opened to the public in my lifetime) I also tried some truly amazing food and saw some amazing food (I was not brave enough to try it all!).

 See what I mean about the landscape?  They filmed Stardust on these beaches!

Anyway, enough boasting... the food.

A few more unusual foods which I tried (and remembered to photograph):

A wonderful smoked fish trilogy including whale (the dark red blop).  I am glad I tried whale but I really do not think I will be doing so again.  It had an incredibly strong flavour and quite a tough texture.
This is Skyr an Icelandic yoghurt-style pudding which is similar to strained non-fat yoghurt.  It is absolutely delicious.  A smooth but very light texture with a slightly creamy taste.  I came home wishing they did it in the UK.  Actually that was true of a number of treats which I tried or bought home to try (swiss chocolate with smarties in... strawberry chocolate chews?!)

The food I thought better of trying....

Pickled Herring.  This was served as an option for breakfast. After trying Kaviar from a tube in Stockholm last Easter for breakfast any Northern European fish-based breakfast dishes have not really appealed to me!

In fact to be totally honest I thought this was something which was taken from an episode of Star Trek when an alien was bought onto the Enterprise and they introduced their native food stuffs.

Icelandic fried breakfast: this consisted of the usual bacon and sausages but then added cheesy mushrooms and a bubble and squeak style dish which appeared to be cheesy vegetables left over from the night before.

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