Friday, 31 May 2013

Something for the weekend - take the gym OUTSIDE

I saw this info-graphic on pintrest the other day and it pretty much summarised my attitude to the exercise (even though it is an advert).  I take it outside wherever possible - running, walking, cycling, skiing, swimming or even dragon boat racing!

I hope the weather is good for you so you can!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

How you YOU consume your calories?

This may seem like a simple question, but actually it is not quite as simple as it could be.  Now I am not one to weigh her food but I am aware of a number of mistakes people make.  Namely as in the past, I have made them too.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Healthy Snacking #2 - info graphic stylie!

I thought this on Pintrest gave some good and varied ideas...

... I may even use my graphic design skills to create one of my own some day :) suggestions for content welcome...!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Something for the weekend - Skating away a Sunday

A friend of mine has recently started taking ice skating lessons and desperate to get some extra practice in so last Sunday I pulled up my boots and trekked across West London to Queensway which hosts London's only skate and bowling arena (apparently)!

I must say I was really surprised; the rink was a decent size, the boots were supportive, the price was reasonable (£12.50 including skate hire but they do a discount on a Monday so including skate hire it is £8.50) and it was not overcrowded.

I am not the worlds most proficient skater but I  had a great time.  I was on the ice for two hours (approximately), managed not to fall over once (a small miracle), barely held onto the edge and... according to myfitnesspal burned about 500 calories (though I am not sure I believe this!!).  I have however developed a number of suspicious bruises on my arm since this but that is a small price for such a fun, exercised-filled afternoon.

You wont be surprised to hear it was nothing like the image on the side... I just thought that was cool as, like many twentysomething women, I love a good bit of vintage!

My only reservation about this venue, like many other leisure centres was the lack of healthy foods and snacks in the canteen.  My will power is good but I am unable to resist a treat after a two hour workout... especially when it is waffles and gelato and there is literally no healthy alternative.... I mean just look at it!!

So... if you're stuck for something to do this weekend.... get yourself along to Queensway!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mediterranean Style Turkey Pie

Late April marks my Grandmothers birthday and being lost for how to help her celebrate this year I decided to treat her to a homemade lunch.  She barely cooks anymore so to be honest anything more sophisticated than eggs or wurst is a luxury but this was even more of a hit than I had anticipated.  I originally was looking at a recipe in Good Food magazine for a Lamb pie with a wine and aubergine sauce but was then reminded by my mother that my grandmother neither drinks wine or can eat Lamb.  As a result I did some googling, some head scratching and came up with this.  There is no way of being modest about it.  It was fantastic.

500g Turkey Mince
4 Sheets Filo Pastry
50g Lurpak Lighter
2 sticks of Celery
2 Carrots
1 Courgette
2 Spring Onions
250ml Vegetable Stock
1 tbsp Mint
1 tbsp Ground Coriander
1 1/2 tbsp Smoked Paprika
1/2 tbsp Garlic Salt
1 tbsp Olive Oil

Fry the spring onions, carrots, courgettes and celery in the olive oil until softened then add the mince to brown it off.  Add the vegetable stock and seasoning.  Remove from the heat.

Use some of butter to grease the ovenproof dish, place one sheet of filo pastry and then rub some butter over the pastry and add another sheet of filo on top.  Pour in the mixture into the pastry and then top with one sheet of pastry, rub some butter on the layer and place another sheet on top.

I served this with the Greekilian Salad and followed it with a White Chocolate, Raspberry and Butternut Squash (fat free) cake.  A fantastic birthday meal!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

#challenge2013 - April

At the beginning of April I was fortunate enough to spend six days in Iceland.  In addition to having some of the most stunning landscape I have ever seen (and am ever likely to see unless travel to Mars is opened to the public in my lifetime) I also tried some truly amazing food and saw some amazing food (I was not brave enough to try it all!).

 See what I mean about the landscape?  They filmed Stardust on these beaches!

Anyway, enough boasting... the food.

A few more unusual foods which I tried (and remembered to photograph):

A wonderful smoked fish trilogy including whale (the dark red blop).  I am glad I tried whale but I really do not think I will be doing so again.  It had an incredibly strong flavour and quite a tough texture.
This is Skyr an Icelandic yoghurt-style pudding which is similar to strained non-fat yoghurt.  It is absolutely delicious.  A smooth but very light texture with a slightly creamy taste.  I came home wishing they did it in the UK.  Actually that was true of a number of treats which I tried or bought home to try (swiss chocolate with smarties in... strawberry chocolate chews?!)

The food I thought better of trying....

Pickled Herring.  This was served as an option for breakfast. After trying Kaviar from a tube in Stockholm last Easter for breakfast any Northern European fish-based breakfast dishes have not really appealed to me!

In fact to be totally honest I thought this was something which was taken from an episode of Star Trek when an alien was bought onto the Enterprise and they introduced their native food stuffs.

Icelandic fried breakfast: this consisted of the usual bacon and sausages but then added cheesy mushrooms and a bubble and squeak style dish which appeared to be cheesy vegetables left over from the night before.