Thursday, 21 March 2013

Healthy Snacking #1

Like many people who work in an office one of my downfalls is grazing at my desk- especially on a stressful day. The short walk to the shop across the road for a bar of dairy milk can be too hard to resist, especially on a stressful day so here are some of the lower calorie and healthy things I have tried to beat the purple bar...

1. Make Your Own Graze Box - essentially a mix of dried fruit, nuts and seeds- approx 200g. Mainly on the basis I find graze boxes a bit of a rip off. This is not always low calorie as I am keen on prunes and almonds but both these have fantastic health benefits so I think the calorie content is worth the punt!

2. Baked crisps - these tend to have 100kcal per packet and my goodness do they hit the spot. Plain Walkers I would give a miss but Sweet Chilli Sunbites or Salt and Vinegar Baked are ace.

3. Fruit and (low fat) peanut butter - apple or banana namely. PB again isn't low calorie but it is filling and delicious.

4. Nakd bars - I've tried a fair few of the selection of these now ... They are snack bars made of fruit and nuts mushed together. Cocoa one I would avoid but banana, cocoa orange and ginger are TO DIE for.

5. Fruity jelly cups- fresh fruit such as raspberries or redcurrants suspended in sugar free jelly: less than 100 kcal and a taste of childhood!

As I play more with snacking I will post more of my suggestions.

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