Monday, 19 November 2012

Winter Warmer #3 - Chorizo and Bean Soup

Ok, so I will confess, this isn't the healthiest recipe you will find on here. However it is so delicious I couldn't resist! The smoky flavour of the Chorizo perfectly complements the tomatoes and (single) cream. I find one bowl of this so filling that I don't need any bread, which evens it out.

2 boxes passata
1/3 pot Elmlea single cream
200g Chorizo
1 tin kidney beans
1 tbsp Sunflower Oil
Paprika and mild chilli to taste

Fry the Chorizo for 3 mins and then add passata and cream to a pan and simmer for 15 mins. Use a hand blender to mix ingredients until all chorizo has been broken down. Add Kidney Beans, Paprika and Chilli to taste.

Calories per portion- 402

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Winter Warmer #2 - Butternut Squash and Quiona Stew

The second of my Winter Warmers is a Butternut Squash and Quiona Stew.  This is packed full of super foods which are high in protein and vitamins but low in calories.

200g Butternut Squash
1 Courgette
100g Quiona
250g Scotch Broth Mix
2 Mushrooms
250g Chicken Breast
1 Turnip
1 Tin Tomatoes
1 Onion
1 litre Vegetable Stock
1 Tbsp Paprika
1 Tbsp Ground Coriander
Salt and Pepper to taste

Soak the Scotch Broth Mix for 24 hours before cooking.

Peel and chop all vegetables and place them in a pan with vegetable stock and boil for 5 mins then add quiona and scotch broth mix.

Add chicken breast, tinned tomatoes and seasoning then simmer for 45 mins.

Calories per portion: 400.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Savoury Muffins

I discovered the recipe for these on a girly weekend to Cornwall to visit my fabulous godmother.  She is not one for cooking (which she will freely admit) which is why I was shocked and delighted to discover that with her new lodger had come a library of cookery books, each one jam packed full of delicious recipes crying out to me.  I was of course especially delighted when I saw this contained one of my rapidly becoming favourite foods: Butternut Squash!

I have made these muffins a couple of times now, the first time more successfully than the second but they were delicious nonetheless!  I enjoyed heating these up and serving as my main meal with some salad as well as having one cold for a healthy, filling lunch on-the-go.

100g Peeled Butternut Squash
100g Grated Courgettes
250g Grated Onions
100g Finely Chopped Red Pepper
100g Shredded Spinach
100g Canned Sweetcorn
75ml Vegetable Oil
225g Low Fat Cheese
225g Self Raising Flour
4 Eggs

Steam and mash the Butternut Squash.

Place all other vegetables (once prepared) with the oil and cheese in a mixing bowl and fold in the flour and Butternut Squash.  Whisk the eggs then fold through.

If making large muffins such as the photo above this recipe will make 6-8 and will take 45 mins to bake.  If making smaller, fairy cake sized this will make 12-16 and take 20 mins to cook.

Calories per portion (large muffins): 330

Monday, 5 November 2012

Courgette Fritters

I originally found the recipe for these on Pintrest however, as usual I made some adaptations (in the case of these this was caused by my lack of foresight when food shopping).

These delicious 'patties' are a great way of getting your carbohydrates and vegetables for one meal and the principle is easy to adapt... I shall be trying it with butternut squash soon.

Ingredients (makes 6): 
1 Courgette
1/2 Baking Potato
1 egg
20g Plain Flour
40g Spinach
1 tsp Paprika
1 tsp Mint
2 tbsp unsalted butter (softened)

Coarsely grate the potato and courgette into a bowl and chop up the fresh spinach as finely as possible.

Break the egg over the top of the mixture and fold in the flour and butter.  Then add paprika and mint.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Make six, thin fritters with the mixture and after preheating 1 tbsp of sunflower oil in a frying pan place three of the patties in.  Cook until golden brown on each side.  Repeat to cook the second three patties.

Calories per fritter: 76