Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Fabulous Fajitas!

One of my weaknesses has long been Mexican food, white refined (and frankly empty-calorie) wraps with lashings of guacamole (well it was an avocado once, right?!).  Obviously such an excessive dish was a no-no when losing weight so....


Hello and welcome! Before I dive into sharing some of my favourite recipes and low-calorie meals which I have found out and about I thought I would give some background to this blog. Over the last year I have lost a lot of weight; over 13kg now (2 stone). This has come fundamentally as a result of eating less and moving more has been at the core. I have found healthy alternatives or versions to some of my favourite foods and it is these which I shall share with you. These recipes have helped me to lose weight without feeling like I am 'losing out' and they have helped me discover a new flair for cooking. I hope you enjoy them. Roisin